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图为Jay Sean在美国举行演唱会,Thara 经过她的制作人Jeremy Skaller (也是My Own Way专辑的制作人) 推荐作为演唱会开幕嘉宾,那是他们正式合作相见。当时Ne-yo也在现场。


There is no question about it—she undoubtedly has it all. The beauty, the brains, the talent, and the impressive business sense. Thara Natalie Prashad, a former model, actress, and R&B singer who is now co-managing British-Asian pop/R&B sensation Jay Sean, has been in the industry for 11 years, but is currently on the road to becoming an entertainment industry powerhouse, destined for greatness.

Thara很有才华....她做过模特、演员、RNB歌手,现在是英国歌手Jay Sean的经纪人,她已经在娱乐圈闯荡11年之久,但是她才正在朝娱乐业进军成功的道路上前进...

Born and raised in New Jersey, Thara started singing at 16 and began taking modeling jobs in the hopes of getting closer to the music industry. She landed a huge Reebok commercial campaign followed by a Verizon campaign. Shortly after the Verizon commercial, she met Jeremy Skaller, then an up-and-coming producer, who would eventually become a close friend and business partner.

Thara出生在美国新泽西州,她16岁时开始唱歌,并且去做模特,为的就是能与音乐界有更进一步的接触。 在拍摄完Verizon的广告后,她遇到了 Jeremy Skaller, 以为正在上升期的制作人,最终他俩也变成了知心朋友和商业伙伴。

Thara would go on to appear in more commercials and music videos, including Jay Z’s “Excuse Me Miss” in 2003. From there, she did a commercial for MTV 2 and met La La Vasquez, who was then a vee-jay for the network. La La introduced Thara to DJ Clue and told him that she was singer. She gave Clue her demo CD and after listening to it, he had Thara meet with the rest of his team, and then signed her to his label, Desert Storm. While working on her debut album, with Jeremy Skaller as the producer, Thara worked with the cream of the crop in the music industry: Fabolous, John Legend, Kanye West, Rodney Jerkins, and The Neptunes to name a few. In 2007 she released the self-titled album which featured the hits “Jump On” with Fat Man Scoop and a duet she co-wrote with John Legend called “Maybe.”

Thara 开始出现在更多的广告和MV中,包括Jay Z 2003年的MV Excuse Me Miss 打了一会酱油。自此以后,她为 MTV2 做广告,并遇见了VJ La La Vasquez. La La Vasquez 向DJ Clue推荐了Thara,在听了她演唱的DEMO后把她签进了自己的厂牌 Desert Storm. 在准备首张专辑时,Jeremy Skaller 作为制作人。Thara和 Fabolous, John Legend, Kanye West, Rodney Jerkins, The Neptunes 等一系列人合作。 2007年发行了同名扎un级,含热单 Jump On feat. Fat Man Scoop. 她也与John Legend合作写了一首歌 Maybe.


Excuse Me Miss -- Jay-Z

Following the release of the album, Thara toured throughout Australia, the UK, and Germany, enjoying international success. When she came back to the states, Jeremy Skaller immediately booked her for a show in Miami as the opening act for the British-Asian, R&B/pop sensation Jay Sean. The two instantly clicked and their magnetic chemistry as artists led them to collaborate on the single “Murder,” and travel across the globe performing the song.

发行了首张专辑后,Thara 开始在 澳洲,英国,德国巡演。 当她回到美国时,制作人Jeremy Skaller立刻把她选为了Jay Sean演唱会的开场嘉宾。 自此这两位便产生了强大的化学反应,后来录制了单曲MURDER, 并且一起展开巡演。

After touring with Jay Sean, Thara decided it was time for a much needed break. She became certified as a holistic nutritionist and spent two in a half months in Mexico training to become a certified Bikram yoga instructor, something she wanted to do for years. “I’d always had a passion for yoga and I wanted to get away so I just decided to leave everything and everyone,” she remembers. “It was amazing and one of the best experiences of my life.”

和Jay Sean巡演后, Thara觉得她需要得到极大的休息。 她跑去墨西哥2个半月 做了一名职业的营养师,还做起来瑜伽教练 (难怪前几天她和肥Jay 做了一个练瑜伽的视频....),她想一直这样做下去。“我对于瑜伽总是充满热情,我想远离尘世 所以我抛下一下人和事... (出家的节奏惹)” 她回忆道,“那太棒了,是我一生中最宝贵的经历”。

Back from her respite, refreshed, focused, and teaching yoga in New York and New Jersey, Thara hooked back up with Jeremy Skaller and Jay Sean again in 2009 to help work on Jay’s new album. She slowly found herself back in the music industry, but this time not as an artist, but now behind the scenes. “It was easier and fun because it wasn’t for me anymore,” she says. “Plus I loved working with Jay Sean. Because I had been an artist, I had a different understanding of what it was like to be in his shoes. I understood how hard it was to maintain your body when you’re on the road and what it was like to be the one in the spotlight with everyone else having an opinion, but you being the one on the front line.”

2009年 在纽约和新泽西 重新考取瑜伽证 并教授瑜伽后,Thara又开始与Jeremy Skaller和Jay Sean有了联系,并帮助他的新专辑。 她慢慢发现她有重新回到了音乐界,但不是以歌手的身份,而是一些幕后的工作。“这简单有趣多了,我不是那个歌手了”她说,“并且我喜欢与Jay Sean一起工作。因为我以前是一个歌手,我对于他这种处境有着很深的了解。我知道去保持你的身材是很难的,因为每天都很忙。作为对 一切事情都有远见的人也很难,但是你现在就在最前线。” ..(翻译着纠结....)

That’s how managing came about. Thara basically transitioned from helping Jay Sean with his social media to becoming his assistant and eventually co-managing him full time with Jeremy Skaller. She is now Jay’s global strategic planner, handling all of his PR and promotional campaigns. She is responsible for managing every element of Jay’s daily schedule, as well as his travel and touring (from club shows to huge arenas from the U.S. to South America to Asia) and stage productions. Thara is also in charge of Jay’s philanthropic efforts with foundations such as Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive foundation and Feeding America: Hunger Relief Charity. She also speaks to the media on Jay’s behalf, attends sound checks with him, and basically keeps everything in order for the megastar.

这就是后来为什么Thara成为了经纪人。 Thara从帮Jay 公关开始慢慢转入了助手和 Jeremy Skaller一同manage Jay. Thara现在是Jay的全球决策者...处理者各种宣传活动... (宣传暴死的节奏啊 )...她为Jay制定日常的工作计划和宣言计划 还有舞台方面的一些东西...Thara还负责帮Jay加入 Alicia Keys 的Keep a Child Alive 慈善组织 以及 Hunger Relief Charity。 她在媒体面前是Jay的代言人,负责打理诸多事物。

“We’re a really good team,” Thara says. “The decisions that I make as his manager affect him and so we what we have is a partnership. I don’t make decisions for him, I make decisions with him. And that’s important as a manager.”

“我们是一个不错的团队” Thara说道,“通常决定都是和Jay一起下的。我不会单独替他做决定,我们会一起他鸥鸟。这对于经纪人来说很重要。”

Five years ago as an artist, Thara never thought she’d be a manager, but now she thoroughly enjoys being on the other side of the industry. In the next five years, she sees herself helping Jay Sean break into Hollywood, managing more artists, delving into fashion, and expanding her business, Thara Natalie, LLC even further. She also wants to continue her philanthropic work with Keep a Child Alive foundation, and give back even more to make a difference in the community.

五年前还是歌手,Thara重来没想过自己要当经纪人,但是现在她完全享受这份工作。 在接下来的五年,Thara试图帮助Jay 进军好莱坞...(还是好好唱歌吧...),带更多艺人,朝时尚界进军,扩大自己的事业版图。她希望继续与Child Alive foundation合作,为社会做些贡献。

“Working with the organization has inspired me so much. I hope that in the future I will be able to take my success and do great things and give back like Alicia has.” Thara is also in the midst of writing an inspirational book for young girls who are facing difficult times. “It will be a source of encouragement to let them know that they too can overcome anything and dream big.”

与这个慈善组织合作 令我懂得了许多东西。我希望在将来我成功后像Alicia一样对社会有所贡献” Thara现在正在为那些面临困难的年轻女孩写一本书,“这是一本励志的书,让他们懂得客服困难并树立远大的理想。”

虽说是马马虎虎的翻译,但是累死你们的涛哥惹,赶紧睡觉咯,晚安 <( ̄) ̄)>

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有一个词叫... 全才 能唱会跳会演会创作 还能当瑜伽教练当经纪人

有一个词叫... 全才 能唱会跳会演会创作 还能当瑜伽教练当经纪人