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There is a point where all realities intermingle.
It can only be reached from the inside. Many of the questions you have asked cannot be answered in the manner in which you have asked them. The ideals of which you speak are your protection, built-in survival mechanisms that warn of danger, invisible fences like psychic signs saying beware.
You are being allowed freedom within limits. (Long pause.) The human race is a stage through which various forms of consciousness travel. The ideals keep the race pointed in beneficial directions. Thoughts and emotions form the basis. You learn by seeing these turn into physical reality. You may be killed by what you have created. If so the lesson is doubly learned.
Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy, and see, through physical materializations, the concrete result of thought and emotion. As a child forms mud pies from dirt, so you form your civilization out of thoughts and emotions, and then see what you have created, and you must deal with it on its terms.
In other systems energy is more directly felt, more extensive. Consciousness has much more freedom in its utilization. The lessons must be properly learned before such responsibility. There are other training systems, each dealing with various aspects of such understanding and discipline. You cannot do any basic harm. When you act within your system however you act within others.
When you leave the physical system after reincarnations, you have learned the lessons, and you are literally no longer a member of the human race in those terms, for you elect to leave it. Only the conscious self dwells within it in any case, and it is other portions of your personality who simultaneously dwell within the other training systems. In other more advanced systems, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action, into camouflage, into whatever approximation of matter there exists. Therefore the lessons must be taught and learned well.
The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood. You cannot hurt others within your system. To some extent you are, comparatively speaking, in a soundproof and isolated room. Hate creates destruction and in that room, until the lesson is learned, destruction follows destruction.
(Smile.) In the terms of other systems that particular kind of destruction is meaningless and does not exist, but you believe that it does, and the agonies of the dying are sorely felt. A vivid nightmare is also sorely felt, but quickly over. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy, for destruction does not actually exist. It is that you must be taught and trained to create responsibly.
Creation, creativity, is natural under all systems and all circumstances, but your system is a training system for emerging consciousness; for having a talent does not yet know how to use it, and must be trained.
The ideals are like instructions on a blackboard that will not be erased. When you have learned the lesson you realize that the ideals were not necessary, but until you learn the lesson they are all you have as guidelines. The ideals are mere shadows of instructions. They are however your own translations of truths as nearly as you can comprehend them within the system.
They are the rules of the game, and within your system you cannot go against them without courting madness. The system itself would appear insane without them, and only they impart any sanity. In terms of value fulfillment over a period of reincarnations, there is as startling a psychic growth as there is physical growth from a fetus into an adult.
Your system is a training ground only for those however who have chosen to go beyond into particular other systems. These systems are interrelated... other training systems are set up for those who embark on entirely different patterns. (Long pause.)
The training gained in your system then will serve you for existence in a variety of interrelated systems. If the sorrows and agonies within your system were not felt as real, the lessons would not be learned. The teachers within the system are those who are in their last reincarnation, and other personalities who have left the system but have been assigned to help those still within it.
You are dealing with the transformation of emotional energy into action and form. You then manipulate within the system which you have yourselves created, and by its effects learn where you have succeeded and where you have failed. The system always includes some fragments who are entering for the first time, as well as individuals in their third or fourth reincarnations.
(Long pause.) Those in the later grades you see are to help the others. The system also provides practice in the methods of transforming energy into form, and of maintaining intensities, of manipulating energy in various aspects.
As you dream, and have a dream existence while still involved in the physical dimension, so is the physical dimension a dream within another dimension in which your consciousness is far more acute. And as in your dream you set up situations and work out problems, so you do the same in your physical existence.
当你做梦并且仍然参与物理维度的同时拥有梦境存在(existence 类似于世界吧,梦境存在是梦中的世界,物质存在是物质世界)时,物理维度也是另一个维度中的梦,在另一个维度中你的意识要敏锐得多。正如在梦中你设置情境并解决问题一样,你在物质存在中也会做同样的事情。
You do not feel guilty for those you kill in your dreams. You do not feel that your dream existence is useless, hopeless or beyond redemption, and it seldom occurs to you to think of your dream existence in such a manner.
That existence is a very valid one however, fulfilling significant functions and containing many levels. It is a more comprehensive existence in one way, in that while you solve problems that exist in your physical life, you are also free of physical life to some extent within it, and free to travel to other dimensions.
There is a reason why you view daily physical existence in a different manner while you are within it. In your dreams you are able to know what progress you are making, and where your failures lie. This information is compared to the ideals that have been reached in the manner I have told you; and the ideals themselves originate in the dream state, and are then translated into terms that are practical physically.
Even while immersed in physical reality, you are then to some extent free of it. Physical reality itself is still a dream within a larger existence, so from that existence you seem to yourself to be dreaming while you are immersed in physical life. Often in physical life then, you are also working out solutions to problems that exist in a quite different manner, and in a completely different context in this other dimension.
Often you are aware that you are dreaming, and you are sometimes aware while in physical existence that you are dreaming. You can change an unpleasant dream by realizing that you are creating it, and that the problems are of your own making. You leave physical reality when you come to the same realization. The problems that you solve while in it are quite legitimate. You also know when you no longer need the particular context.
Humanity dreams the same dream at once, and you have your mass world. The whole construction however is like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. There is a play within a play within a play, mazes of understanding. (Long pause.) There is no end to the within of things. The dreamer dreams and the dreamer within the dream dreams, and sometimes the dreamers are aware of each other. But the dreams are not meaningless, and the actions within them are highly significant. The whole self is the observer, and also a participator in many roles.
Problems leading to world wars also cause worldwide natural disasters. These are merely another materialization of energy projected by those who have not learned how to handle it. Such reactions fire through the dream universe also, and are reflected through all phases of your activity. The whole self compares the performance of various portions of itself in physical reality and in dream reality, and draws its own conclusions.

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