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        Private encryption//SMC mail server
        From: Steven Boyle B088
        To: Vernon Miles A035
        Date: November 18th 2050

        Re: Re: New employee CRS files

        Mr. Miles,

        Please find attached a scan of the requested CRS file.

        I just checked and CRS-JSC-003 does open the John Schaeffer file on this end. I’m not sure why the file isn’t accessible to you. It could be one of two reasons:

        Garganta now uses the Kovac D-Lock system for all internal communication, but the main office still uses the old SMC mail server. They may not be talking to each other correctly.
        All files for Garganta are now classified as B tier clearance and above. I’m not sure what clearance your PA has, but if they are C tier and you are connected to the server with their log in credentials – you’ll get a “server not found” response.

        I will reach out to your assistant today to make sure it isn’t a log-in issue.

        I’m sure Mr. Clinton would want to apologize over any confusion regarding the hire list. We obviously respect the “chain of command” but were asked to correspond directly with Mr. Davies on this matter. It’s probably best if you discuss the matter directly with him.

        Unfortunately, Mr. Clinton is on site at Chicxulub today with Mr. Peres finalizing the contract amendments. They will not be installing the DAS until next month, so I have to wait for him to call me directly. He checks in every day though, so I’ll make sure he knows you need to speak with him before the weekend.

        Steven Boyle B088

        Private encryption//SMC mail server
        From: Vernon Miles A035
        To: Andrew Clinton B035
        Date: November 18th 2050

        Re: New employee CRS files

        Why am I locked out of the CRS database? I received your hire list (not from you, I might add) but am unable to access the files. One of them, John Schaeffer has applied to work at Santonian before and we rejected him. If that’s the case, I want to know why you approved him this time and why you didn’t check with me first. Does this have something to do with Davies again?

        We need to talk about how you’re doing things with the Garganta project. You seem to have forgotten the chain of command.

        Call me today Andrew. No delays.

        Vernon Miles
        Director of Operations

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            看logo识公司 地下设施遍地都是这个logo

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