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夺冠的幕后故事丨专访皮肤设计大赛冠军作者 —Palantiriel



最终来自巴西服务器的Palantiriel 凭借其作品【银河救赎】赢得了本次大赛的冠军,今天贵鬼就给大家分享一下【银河救赎】创作过程中的幕后故事,一起来看看吧!


——作者 Palantiriel

Hello! Congratulations on winning the contest! Tell us a little about yourself, like which server you're on, your nickname, and any hobbies. Take a screenshot of yourself in the game!
A: 大家好!我的游戏昵称是Palantiriel,不过朋友们通常叫我Bombom,我在Mensa-53服务器,来自巴西。平时我喜欢绘画、Lolita衣服、RPG游戏和cosplay(尤其是圣斗士的角色哦)。我的instagram账号是@jecksy_,平时我经常会发一些Lolita风格的照片和cosplay图。

A: Hi! My game nickname is Palantiriel, although people usually call me Bombom. My server is Mensa-53, and I’m from Brazil. My hobbies include drawing, lolita fashion, RPG, and cosplay (especially Saint Seiya characters), I enjoy posting Lolita fashion and cosplay snapshots on my instagram @jecksy_


Why did you choose to participate? Did you learn anything new along the way? Is there anything you want to share with the players?
A: 当初参赛是因为感觉(这次比赛)很好玩,就像一次命题艺术创作。从中我学到了许多东西,最重要的一点是,一定得把重要文件多保存几处。因为我的笔记本电脑在交作品期限前一天坏掉了,要不是我之前把参赛文件发给过另一个朋友,我就没法投稿了。一路下来,我结交了不少新朋友,在(圣斗士的)线上社区里发图时也认识了许多厉害的作者。

I decided to participate because it looked like a fun challenge, like an art prompt. I learned quite a few things, but most of all, that you should never underestimate the importance of saving your work in multiple places. My laptop broke the day of the deadline to sign up, and if I hadn’t shared the file with a friend online I wouldn’t have been able to participate at all! I also made new friends along the way, and met wonderful artists as we shared our entries with the online community!

Were you surprised that you won? Or did you think you have a shot at this?
A: 怎一个跌宕起伏了得!最开始我想的是,估计怎么也能进个前30吧,拿点游戏内的奖励就挺好。怎么说呢,参赛的时候大家肯定都会想过,能拿第一自然是最好的,不过我一般会让自己现实一点,没真想着要拿冠军,因为我知道世界上还有好多厉害的创作者呢。所以当我意识到有那么多人支持我的时候,我是既惊讶又感动。我没想过自己能赢,这一切发生得太快,现在仍然感觉像一场梦。

It was a roller coaster of emotions! At first I did think I could perhaps be able to get into the top 30, get some in game rewards. Of course everyone imagines what it would be like to win 1st place when we participate in contests, but I usually just do it without actually thinking it will ever get to that point, realistically speaking. I try to control my expectations because I know there are many more amazing artists all over the world. So, I was shocked and amazed by the support I got. I never expected to win this, everything happened so fast it still feels a bit like some sort of daydream.

Let's talk about the game. How did you start playing this game?
A: 我从小就是个圣斗士的粉丝,所以当我看到圣斗士出了手游的时候,我肯定是必玩不可了!

I have been a fan of Saint Seiya since I was a little kid, when I saw there was a phone game available I knew I had to get it!

Who's your favorite character in the game? How about your favorite lineup?
(You can take a screenshot of your lineup)
A: 我最喜欢的角色自然是神圣衣一辉了!因为他不仅是我在原作里最喜欢的角色,他在游戏里的机制也很棒!不仅伤害高,还能承伤,就像他本人坚韧不拔又侵略如火的气质,更不用说炫酷又气势十足的外表和凤凰动画了!我还希望游戏后续能推出更多像蛇夫座奥德修斯这样的圣斗士Next Dimension中的角色,比如月亮女神阿尔忒弥斯!

My favorite character is surely God Cloth Phoenix Ikki! Besides being my favorite character of the whole series, I love how his game dynamic works! God Cloth Ikki strikes hard and can take a lot of hits, just like the character’s adamant and fierce nature! Besides he looks fantastic and his phoenix animation is so epic and imposing! But I would love to see more Saint Seiya: NEXT DIMENSION characters like Ophiuchus Odysseus, for example the Goddess Artemis!

Is there anyone you’d like to thank? Also, maybe a few words to those who voted for you.

First, thank you for everyone that voted, this couldn’t be possible without the support of the community, I am so grateful for everything that has happened, the feedback I got, the kind words I received, and then seeing the actual support through voting.
It was a tough competition, and I am very honored and humbled to have competed with such incredible artists in the final, with absolutely beautiful works, as well as the other participants! They all should be proud of their work.I would like to thank my friend, @Crimson_Panthera, if I hadn’t shared the original file with them, I would have lost it for good! And also my family for always pushing me to take risks.

Whenever I consider doing something that looks too difficult, I remember what my mother always told me: “You already have the ‘no’. Why not try for the ‘yes’?”. Sometimes the “yes” does look impossible, but it will remain forever impossible if you don’t do anything about it. So to everyone, I would like to tell you to try. Go ahead, take a chance! Don’t be afraid of showing yourself to the world! And before you realize the impossible will turn into reality, do your best and you will know it was all worth a while!
Winning this event was a life changing experience for sure! I am honored but also moved to, in a small way, be part of a series that means so much to me. Thank you Kurumada-sensei for creating this beautiful world, inspiring us to never stop fighting and never lose hope!

How about a real-life photo or two?
A:普通常服 和 Lolita服;神圣衣仙女座瞬 和 月亮女神阿尔忒弥斯 的cosplay

Everyday look x Lolita Fashion Look + Andromeda Shun God Cloth Cosplay x Artemis Cosplay

图|普通常服 和 Lolita服

图|神圣衣仙女座瞬 和 月亮女神阿尔忒弥斯 的cosplay
❤Thank you ❤



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