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BOUT #FIXCSRWe are one voice s



We are one voice standing up to Zynga & Natural Motion, for ripping us off with their CSR2 mobile game.

Are you annoyed with the numerous issues that CSR2 has? Did you get banned even after playing legitimately? Have you ever paid for something in the game and never received it? Does support disgust you with their stupid answers? Do you feel CSR2 is ripping you off and you're not getting your money's worth? Well we all are, and this is why we've come together as a voice.

We reached out to the CSR2 team expressing our concerns with the following issues.

Unreliable Connectivity

Connectivity in the game (specially Live Races) is continuously deteriorating. Many players are experiencing the red "No Wifi symbol" and are often unable to race even when they have a very strong connectivity. This issue has been plaguing the game intermittently for the past 18-24 months. Many players have fast, reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity, so to lay the blame on the players' side is incorrect. This has been raised several times, but nothing has been done to improve this.

Multitude Of Issues

Players have been facing a multitude of issues that are affecting the gaming experience on a daily basis. Issues include, but not limited to, Crew Cups showing wait time of 1000+ days, not getting any Crew milestones, unable to challenge other users in Live Races, bot races emptying up their gas tanks, getting the incorrect parts from Legends races, etc. The list of issues goes up every time there is a new update. Instead of an update fixing things, it appears all it's doing is adding more to the list.

Incorrect Player Bans

The last "false" ban-wave that was conducted hurt a lot of legitimate players. We know, as a matter of fact, that a lot of low ranked players (even rank 6!) were banned and they had barely started playing. Many teams and players missed out on the Season prize as a result of the mistake on CSR2 team's part and a lot of time, effort and resources were wasted only to have most players unbanned a few days later. It was falsely stated the ban might have been done due to "currency manipulation" when everyone actually spent money to buy the in-game package.

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