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Pump It Up 2017 Prime 2 V1.10.0 更新预告



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            Hello everyone.

            We would like to notice the 6th official update of PRIME2, 1.10.0 version.

            ★ How to update ★

            1. Prepare recognizable USB for the machine.

            2. Please download PRIME2 v1.10.0 update patch file, and then save it on the root of your USB.

            Link :1.10.0 patch

            3. Lastly, insert USB into the machine of PRIME2, then press “Test” button located in the service box of machine and go to "SETUP / USB DRIVE" menu and select "SYSTEM UPDATE"The update will be processed and rebooted automatically.
            * If the machine is connected with internet, update file will be downloaded automatically and the update will be processed when the machine is rebooted.
            (Downloading depends on Internet speed)

            ★ Update notice ★
            1. For updates, you can use normal USB you have
            (Some USBs might be incompatible).
            2. It is not able to update the latest version without installing previous versions.
            * You are required to update as following order and we attached these previous patch files for your convenience.
            1.01.0 patch->1.02.0 patch->1.02.1 patch->1.03.0 patch->1.04.0 patch->1.05.0 patch->1.05.1 patch->1.06.0 patch->1.07.0 patch->1.08.0 patch->1.09.0 patch->1.10.0 patch
            3. You must put the update file on USB root.
            (Do not put it in any other folders)

            ★ Update list ★

            1. New Songs

            1) Title : Heart Attack
            Artist : DJ Counterforce
            BPM : 148
            Default step chart : S07, S11, S16, D09, D18
            S??, D?? (Unlocked step)

            2) Title : Nakakapagpabagabag
            Artist : Dasu feat. Kagamine Len
            BPM : 145
            Default step chart : S10, S14, S18, D15, CO-OP02
            D?? (Card only step)

            3) Title : Cross Time
            Artist : Brandy
            BPM : 160
            Default step chart : S03, S07, S11, S15, D11, D17
            S??, D?? (Card only step)

            4) Title : Keep On!
            Artist : AmamoriP
            BPM : 185
            Default step chart : S06, S12, S15, D12, D17
            S??, S??, D??, D?? (Unlocked step)

            2. New Step Charts

            1) Title : Get your groove on
            Artist : BanYa
            BPM : 96
            step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)

            2) Title : Caprice of Otada
            Artist : Banya Production
            BPM : 160
            step chart : S?? (Unlocked step)

            3) Title : Monolith
            Artist : Affinity
            BPM : 196
            step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)

            4) Title : Reminiscence
            Artist : MAX
            BPM : 155
            step chart : S??, D?? (Unlocked step, 6th U.C.S Contest Winner’s chart)

            3. Quest zone
            Quest “Chapter5” is updated.

            1) Song : Final Audition2
            Step chart : S08, S10, S16, S17

            2) Song : Up&Down
            Step chart : S15, D15, D16, D17

            3) Song : Naiassance2
            Step chart : S06, S13, S19, S21

            4) Song : Kasou shinja
            Step chart : S18, S20, D19, D21

            5) Song : Ignition starts
            Step chart : S15, S18, D17, D24

            4. Minor bug fixing

            Thank you.

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                3) Title : Monolith
                Artist : Affinity
                BPM : 196
                step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)


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