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    Congratulations!Your decision to purchase a Gagemaker product above all others on the marketdemonstrates your confidence in our quality and workmanship.
    To ensure the high performance and operationof our product, we urge you to use the included reference materials. Theycontain important information for proper setup and use of the equipment. Also,we recommend that you follow the care and maintenance tips in this manual tokeep the equipment working in top condition.
    If your questions have not been addressed inour reference materials, contact your local representative or a customerservice representative at 713-472-7360.
    The ET-7000 Series of gages inspectvariations in connection taper of external threads ranging from 0”-24”. Each model covers a specific rangeof connection sizes, making the ET-7000 gages very versatile and economical.
    The ET-7000 gages use precision contactpoints that seat in the thread of the part during inspection. The gage’sindicator reports actual measurement readings. Each set of contact points isinterchangeable to allow measuring different thread forms. Contact pointdiameters are manufactured to tolerances of +.0002”. The pitch of the threadand type of thread form determine the diameter of the contact points requiredfor taking measurements (refer to the table for API Threads in the SetupProcedures section of this manual).
    The ET-7000 gage requires no setting masterto inspect parts. The contact points are seated in the threads of the part andthe gage is properly positioned by sweeping to obtain the largest indicatorreading. Taking measurements in two different locations along the length of thethread will detect any variations in taper.

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      ettingUp the ET-7000 Gage
      Setting up the ET-7000 gage, involves installingthe proper size contact points for the application (refer to the table belowfor selecting the proper model contact point for API threads)

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        Connection Type Point Diameter Pitch Contact Point Model Number
        Hughes Slim Line H-90 0.235” 3 T235
        All Hughes H-90 0.200” 3 ½ T200
        API Rotary Shouldered Connections 0.144” 4 T144
        API Rotary Shouldered Connections 0.128” 4 ½ T128
        API Rotary Shouldered Connections 0.115” 5 T115
        API Rotary Shouldered Connections 0.096” 6 T096
        Buttress Casing - Taper 0.090” 5 T090
        API Tubing, Casing and Line Pipe 0.072” 8 T072
        API Tubing and Line Pipe 0.057” 10 T057
        API Line Pipe 0.050” 11 ½ T050

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          Inspectingparts using the ET-7000 gage requires no setting master. However, inspectiondoes involve marking two inspection locations with a marking pen, which are 1”apart on the connection. This process ensures that the contact points will beplaced in the same helical path of the thread during inspection

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            Gagemaker warrants its products to be free fromdefects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions for 12months from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to repairing, or atGagemaker’s option, replacing any product which is proven to have beendefective at the time it was shipped and/or suffered damage during shipping,provided buyer has given Gagemaker written notice of any such claimed defectwithin 15 days of receipt. Any defective product must be properly packed andshipped to the Gagemaker factory in Pasadena, Texas USA. This warranty appliesto all products when used in a normal industrial environment. Any unauthorizedtampering, misuse or neglect will make this warranty null and void. Under no circumstances will GAGEMAKER or anyaffiliate have any liabilities for loss or for any indirect or consequentialdamages. The foregoing warranties are in lieu of all other warranties expressedor implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties ofmerchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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