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Danny英文简介!来自1987 Pop stars in Hong Ko


In 1977, a remarkable young man of only nineteen won first place in the Yamaha Organ Contest. In the same year, the same young man was second runner-up in the Popular Songs Performance Contest. This young man was off to a brilliant start on the road to musical frame. The song he sang in the Popular Songs Performance Contest was Rocky Road; but the singer’s road to success was not at all rocky: it was a smooth avenue. This young composer, lyricist and vocalist was Danny Chan.
Danny was born on the 7th of September, 1958, of a wealthy family. He received his primary education at St. Paul’s Co-educational College, and was sent to U. S. A. for his senior secondary education. His parents were aware of his musical talents and gave him the opportunity to learn the piano and the organ. Danny’s interest in music grew as his proficiency increased. As a teenager, Danny spent most of his time composing. But he never wasted lime on fruitless
In 1979, Danny signed up with EMI. He himself composed the songs in his debut album, Crying for You (眼泪为你流), which was released in the same year. The album was well received by the critics and the public. His career as a solo artist was under way.
Danny’s second song No More Tears (不再流泪) was released in 1980. In the same year Danny cooperated with WEA, took an acting part in the film Applause (喝采), and sang its theme song
A Short Date (几分钟的约会). By the end of the year Danny was working for WEA.
Everybody enjoys being successful, and Danny is no exception. Danny was on top of the world. Already a prominent singer, whose unique talent was widely admired, he became even better known after his second film, Dropout (失业生)and its theme song When I Own You (有了你). Both the film, released in 1981, and the song received high praise.
From 1982-83 Danny made three albums: Breakthrough(突破) and Heart Talk (倾诉) in 1982, and Loving You(偏偏喜欢你) in 1983. 0ne of the songs in the last album was one of the Best Ten Golden Hits of the year.
Such successes encouraged Danny and paved the way for his first concert. It was organized by Brainchild at the queen Elizabeth Stadium in 1983, and it was a sold out. Danny was delighted when (he audience applauded warmly and kept asking for more.
In 1984 Danny began to host publicity shows. He sang the theme song for the anti-narcotics campaign organized by RTHK, To Catch a Rainbow (摘星). He release his new album Danny’84(百强’84). He held another concert, under the sponsorship of Dickson Music Industries Ltd. In November Danny took part in a popular film called Merry Christmas, and he also participated in the Tokyo Music Festival. It was a most productive and rewarding year for Danny.
One thing Danny loves more than anything else is holidays. He is a great believer in mixing business with pleasure. When Danny goes abroad to give a show, he always ensures
that he has a few days to himself during the trip. Such an opportunity came up in 1985, when Danny was asked to do a recording with the American singer, Crystal Gayle, in TeLL Me what I Can Do.

Danny places singing above filming, because he finds it more rewarding. “Singing slow songs is much better than disco songs. They’re more satisfy5Lng and also they last longer,” said Danny. So this is what Danny did in 1985. He managed to produce several albums Danny’s Special Volume, my deep Love for You(深爱着你), When I think of you(当我想起你), Danny Chan’s Greatest hits and my Idol(偶像精选).
1986 was a year of bad health for Danny. His health problems threw his whole life into confusion. Malicious stories were spread about by some unknown enemies, and Danny naturally became very depressed.
At this time Danny tended to withdraw from people, to return to his parents’ protection. He politely declined interviews. He felt he needed time to relax and think about things under his parents’ roof away from the public gaze. He made few public appearances in the first half of 1986.
The rest did Danny a lot of good. He got through this dark period quickly. His manager, Katie Chan, a lady of great patience and warmth, played a big part in reestablishing his confidence. As one critic said: “… Energized by his belief in what he was doing, Danny. Regenerated
himself and his music.” And Danny himself said about this period: “Music was my solace-my escape from it all.”
In September 1986 Danny joined DMI, a joint venture of Dickson Music Industries Ltd. And EMI. His album Starring (巨星之初) went platinum within a few days of its release in September. The songs in the album were all composed by Danny himself.
“I hope people can relate to the things I sing about. I sing about life, about what we all share and what we’ve all suffered and what we’ve all enjoyed. And it’s nice to sing one’s own songs. “The title track, The Greatest Love of All(至爱), stayed on the Hong Kong charts-for about two months. The song was one of the Best Ten Golden Hits in the last quarter of 1986. This is Danny’s favorite song too. He wrote it to express his love for children.
Danny seemed to be making up for his lazy start to 1986 in the last month of the year. His schedule in December was extremely tight. He had his concerts in Hong Kong on the 6th and 7th. He had a concert in Thailand on the 23rd. He flew to New York to film on location with Cherry Chung for the movie Autumn’s Fairy Tales(秋天的童话). And he embarked on the production of a new album.
To cope with all this Danny changed his life pattern, and started a fitness programme. Every morning he got up early to go jogging or swimming and do his exercises on the Nautilus machines. He felt his fans deserved a good performance, and he needed to be fit in order to give his best.
The concert on December 6th was the highlight of Danny’s achievement. He did not publicized his concerts as many others singers do. He did not meet members of the press or give interviews before the concerts. He did not exaggerate his performance. He did not overdress, as he used to before. In this concert he appeared only in jeans and a baggy sweater, but he was relaxed and confident, and he won tremendous applause.
Three other artists-Roman Tam, Anita Mui, and Patricia Chan-were invited to sing and perform duets with Danny. Joseph Koo was invited to conduct Dazzling Star(梦呓) which was the theme song for his movie Autumn’s Fairy Tales(秋天的童话). And Danny played the piano as well. His musical talents were fully displayed. The last song he sang that day, The Greatest Love of AIL was sung in both English and Cantonese. It brought the house down.
The concert on December 7th, with Kenny Bee and Alan Tam as guest artists, was equally successful.
On December 20th Danny flew to Thailand with his manager, Katie Chan, and a thirty one member entourage. He was invited to appear in a concert celebrating the centenary of a hospital in Bangkok. The concert was held on the 23rd at the Shangri-la Hotel in the presence of the Thai Princess. Danny dedicated his song The Greatest Love of AII to the Princess, who spoke to him afterwards.
Danny has achieved his success by artistry and perseverance. His new album, Dream Interpretation (梦里人), again consisting of songs composed by Danny himself, will be released in
1987. He has signed a contract with D & B Films to promote his songs in. Japan. We shall undoubtedly see a happier and more acknowledged Danny aiming for international stardom in 1987.

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