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Everyone feels awfully entitled to know what’s going on behind the scenes and are awfully quick to jump to conclusions regarding these matters and when they do jump to conclusions, they post their conclusions and we end up with problem number 2.
There is already a major flaw in players talking about internal issues with the public, because in reality there is no incentive for these things to be said, other than to publicly create an opinion which is destructive for the receiving end. There is but one ideal reasoning behind going public with these things and it’s the only, in my opinion, justifiable one. That is to publicly address a general flawed opinion on a certain problem, that is, to deem that the public deserves to know the actualities of a matter, to blatantly point out and correct an opinion which is incorrect. This is why you see statements being made after a giant Reddit wave of opinionated users get to the people who are involved, this one being no exception.

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