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Welcome to dsa Bar


Welcome here, dsa Bar provides basically the dsa-players exchange views, share knowledge and experiences and so on each other in free, enthusiasm and equal. This's our collective forum where we can become mutual and genuine friends for the same favorite.

And please remember this post bar (Chinese: tieba) web address below.
dsa Bar: http://tieba.baidu.com/dsa

As you think, the word dsa stands for a map called Desert Strike Angel in StarCraft. It doesn't matter if you aren't good at Chinese and my this post's aim is certainly helping you understand how to play and enjoy it. In addition, you can post here in Chinese or English for any question about the dsa and even make frinds with others.

You may be familiar to others ds's version, and in a sense, this version is mostly the same in play, you also need resources to create various buildings which will cause different and corresponding units to spawn and the computer will command them to battle, the mission objective is also destroy your opponent's temple. But if it is just these, I don't need make this post. Because the dsa has own distinguishing features, and maybe it is more complicated so that you may have some troubles in mastering it . And then, it is time to explain it through the detailedly tutorial in some sections below.


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Mode System
Section 3: Resource System
Section 4: Building System
Section 5: Other Parameters
Section 6: Play Tutorials
Section 7: Matters Needing Attention
Section 8: About

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    Before we continue to discuss dsa's contents , I think It is necessary to talk about another thing!

    Maybe you cann't post in dsa Bar even if having some issues without any Network ID here, and the register could be a difficulty if you don't known Chinese characters at all. So at first, I will give some Guest-IDs below . I hope you needn't them and registering yourself is better, however I hope you can get rid of linguistic barriers. Of course, when you have ID and login, you can post and reply in English. GL!

    Username: DSA_guest_1;  Password: dsa123
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        Welcome to dsa Bar

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