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Steve Argyle - Legend of the Five Rings release - #160


The Heaven’s Will Undignified Death, card # 134/166

This is the last of five cards illustrated by Steve Argyle in the Legend of the Five Rings expansion set The Heaven’s Will, released in November 2008.
This card is a rare and is available both as a foil and as a non-foil.
This card is a staple action for constructed decks and as such has a higher value than many of Steve’s cards. Non-foils are available for around $10 while the foils are around $15.
The image has an important story anchor and needs to describe the scene. The figure in the foreground is dead and this needs to be implied. Legend of the Five Rings typically doesn’t shy away from the gore in its illustrations of this warfare-heavy game, but the simple shorthand of spilled blood doesn’t appear here to help indicate death. Instead Steve uses the misplacement of her jewelry as the only indication that she isn’t merely asleep, as the rest of her pose might convey otherwise. The bowing figure in the background is clearly respectful, but is also identified as an assassin once the viewer is aware the other person is dead.
The name of the card makes the situation clear of course, but the art still needs to be true, and it is.

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