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【①D】Zayn Malik: 'I might get back with Rebecca Ferguson'



We were all a bit shocked when Zayn Malik and Rebecca Ferguson seemed to split up out of the blue back in July (not quite as shocked as when we found out their lurrrve was for real, but hey), and ZayN has finally broken his silence on the relationship.
Zayn insists they didn't split because management told them to or because of any kind of age difference, and that the relationship ended because of their busy schedules.
"No, nothing like that," he told Fabulous. "It was just between me and her. It's cool."
"We've split on mutual terms because neither of us has time for a relationship.
"But we're still great friends. The age difference was never a problem," he insisted.
"She would always tell me that I was mature for my age."
So if they only split up because they were both too hectic to carry on the love-fest, maybe they'll get back together if their schedules quieten down a bit?
"Yeah, that's definitely something we've discussed," he admitted.
"Maybe when we're less busy we'll hook back up."
That would be sweet - but chances of Zayn having a spare moment to even pick his nose in private are looking slimmer by the day as the buzz around What Makes You Beautiful is going ALL KINDS OF CRAZY.
Do you think there's a chance they could be reunited?
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the relationship ended because of their busy schedules孩纸随着你们越来越红你们的schedules也会越来越多的...所以..复合什么的算了吧 找个更好的