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    华尔街英语导读: 他只能暗暗地在心中期待,或许,秦王还没有发现这个女人的不一样,或许,孤傲的秦王会错过这个女人,或许,将来的某一日,他还会有希望的。 He can only secretly expect in his heart, perhaps, the king of Qin has not found this woman is different, perhaps, the proud king of Qin will miss this woman, perhaps, one day in the future, he will have hope.
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    华尔街英语导读: 只是,他时刻提醒着自己一个事实,这个女人背后的男人,同样可以将他扶上帝位,却更加可以轻而易举地毁了他如今拥有的一切。 However, he always reminds himself of the fact that the man behind this woman can help him to the throne of God, but he can easily destroy everything he has now.
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    华尔街英语导读: 这一回的感觉,和上一次完全不一样,即便他一而再的忽视,然而,终究还是骗不过自己,他喜欢这个女子,而且,他也知道,这个女子同端木瑶不一样,端木瑶可以辅佐他稳坐太子之位,将来稳坐帝位;而韩芸汐,却可以让他的人生达到另一个高度。 This time, the feeling is completely different from the last time. Even though he ignored it again and again, he still couldn't fool himself. He likes this woman. Moreover, he also knows that this woman is different from Duanmuyao. Duanm
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    华尔街英语导读: 龙天墨不可思议地地看着韩芸汐,这是他第二次如此近距离地看她,第一次是她治他怪病,救他性命的时候。 Long Tianmo looked at Han Yunxi strangely. This was the second time he had looked at her so closely. The first time was when she treated his strange disease and saved his life.
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    华尔街英语导读: Female Viagra nears approval '女性伟哥'有望上市The first-ever "female Viagra" came one st
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    华尔街英语导读: Two Laptops With 3-D Technology If switching from standard to high-definitiontelevision wasn't confusing enough, there's anotherwave of TV technology on the horizon: 3D. But 3DTVs and much of the 3D content won't be availableuntil later this year, and even then most of thesesets will be pricey and will require people to wear special glasses for viewing. If you can't waitfor a 3D TV to hit your living room, you can get a preview of what's to come with the latest in 3D laptops. I feasted my eyes on 3D laptops this week, testing the $770 Acer Aspire 57
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    华尔街英语导读: 饭后贺思怡主动承包了洗碗收拾厨房的工作,谢宇轩就去煮了咖啡,等贺思怡从厨房出来,他的咖啡也煮好了,味道必然要比林周煮的好。 After dinner, he siyi took the initiative to contract the work of washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen. Xie yuxuan went to make coffee. when he siyi came out of the kitchen, his coffee was also cooked, and the taste was bound to be better than that of Lin Zhou.
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    华尔街英语导读: 贺思怡受教的点头,将谢宇轩说的这些记在了心底,然后道:“我会仔细先把您给的书籍和资料看完的。” He Siyi nodded when he was taught and wrote down what Xie Yuxuan said in his heart. Then he said, "I will carefully read the books and materials you gave me first."
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    华尔街英语导读: 谢宇轩轻嗯了声:“圣母院是一座承载了法国历史的建筑,就像华夏诸多古老的建筑一样,不仅是建筑史上的瑰宝,更是历史最真实的见证者。圣母院与它们不同的地方就在意它是被后者一点点的修建起来的,因此在建筑特色上具有浓厚的个人色彩以及当世的特色建筑风格。” Xie Yuxuan said softly, "Notre Dame is a building that bears the history of France. Like many ancient Chinese buildings, Notre Dame is not only a treasure in the history of architecture, but also the mos
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    华尔街英语导读: 谢宇轩做了几道精致又可口的菜肴,贺思怡看书看饿了,这里也没有其他人,她对谢宇轩就少了几分尊重,私下里师徒俩就像朋友一样,虽然相差了十余岁,但三观相合,兴趣相投,是非常能聊得来的忘年交。 Xie Yuxuan made several exquisite and delicious dishes. He Siyi was hungry when reading books. There was no one else here. She had a little less respect for Xie Yuxuan. In private, the teachers and disciples were just like friends. Although there was a difference of more than ten years, the three
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    华尔街英语导读: 身边的人满脸苦笑,对方的实力完全超乎了他的想象,他和武馆第二的差距并不是特别大,通常都要几十招才能分出胜负,可是擂台上的人,一拳就搞定了,高下立判啊。 The people around him have a wry smile on their faces, and the strength of the other party is completely beyond his imagination. The gap between him and the second place in the martial arts school is not particularly large. It usually takes dozens of moves to decide the outcome. However, the people in the challenge arena are done with one punch an
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    华尔街英语导读: 而他话音刚落,罗斌的人一拳轰出。只听一声惨叫,武馆第二高手,直接飞下了擂台。 And his voice just fell, Bin Luo people blow out. Only heard a scream, the martial arts school's second best player flew directly out of the ring.
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    华尔街英语导读: ”过于着重力量训练,就会导致速度和敏捷方面的能力下降,不过对付这个武馆的人,也是足够了。 "Too much emphasis on strength training will lead to a decline in speed and agility, but it is enough to deal with this martial arts school.
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    华尔街英语导读: ”你好好的观察,这一战千万不能输。”天昌盛对身边的人叮嘱道,他就是武馆里最强的人,而此刻擂台上站着的。是武馆内部排名第二的人。 "You have a good observation, this world war I must not lose. "Tian Changsheng told the people around him that he was the strongest man in the martial arts school and was standing on the ring at the moment. He is the second person in the martial arts school.
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    华尔街英语导读: 原本天昌盛打算让武馆里最强的人应战,但是现在关乎到天灵儿的幸福,而且罗斌也说了,并不是一局定胜负,所以他打算让另一人去试探一下。 Originally Tianchangsheng planned to let the strongest men in the martial arts school fight, but now it is related to the happiness of Tianshenger, and Bin Luo also said that it is not a final game, so he is going to let another person to test it.
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    华尔街英语导读: 而她旁边站着的宋佳人,在叶澜成说出盛世财团四个字的时候,就已经彻底石化了。 And Song Jiaren, who was standing beside her, was completely petrified when Ye Lan became the name of Shengshi Financial Group.
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    华尔街英语导读: 安之素脸上堆着笑,心里却在暗叹叶澜成演技真好,奥斯卡欠他一座小金人。 Antoine's face was full of smiles, but his heart was dark with sigh. Ye Lan was really good at acting. Oscar owed him a golden statuette.
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    华尔街英语导读: 这个姑娘今天当真是走了八辈子的好运,没有被关沛华看上的四兽图,竟然同时被叶澜成和苏夜看上了,两个天之骄子当众争抢一副绣图,最后还和叶澜成结了一个善缘,得了一个承诺。 This girl was really lucky for generations today. The four animal pictures that Guan Peihua did not see were actually seen by Ye Lan Chenghe and Su Ye at the same time. The two favored children competed for a pair of embroidery pictures in public. Finally, they forged a good relationship with Ye Lan and got a promise.
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    华尔街英语导读: “喜欢。”叶澜成转手把盒子递给了身后的老九,接着道:“今日收了安小姐一份大礼,日后若有需要,安小姐尽管去盛世财团找我。” "Yes." Ye Lancheng changed hands and handed the box to Laojiu behind him, then said: "I received a big gift from Miss An today. If necessary in the future, Miss An may go to Shengshi Financial Group to find me."
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    华尔街英语导读: 宾客们一脸懵,人家苏夜刚才要花两百万买,你嫌人家长得丑不肯卖。结果转手就因为叶澜成长的好看免费送,你敢这么打苏夜的脸,你爸爸妈妈知道吗? The guests were stunned. Su Ye was going to spend 2 million yuan on it just now. You think he is ugly and won't sell it. The result changed hands because Ye Lan grew up good-looking and free. Do you dare to hit Sue's face like that, do your parents know?
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    华尔街英语导读: 安之素视而不见,她现在只想一心巴结好叶澜成,不等叶澜成再说话,就把盒子从宋佳人手里拿过来,然后往叶澜成怀里一塞:“送给你啦。” Anzhisu turned a blind eye. Now she only wants to ingratiate herself with Ye Lancheng. Before Ye Lancheng could speak again, she took the box from Song Jia's hand and thrust it into Ye Lancheng's arms: "Here you are."
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    华尔街英语导读: 宾客们先是集体倒抽了一口冷气,然后纷纷给了安之素一个自求多福的眼神,姑娘,我们敬你是条汉子!你到底知不知道被你说丑的人是谁啊,那可是苏夜,未来的市长女婿啊。 The guests first gasped at the group, then gave Antoine a look of self-seeking, girl, we respect you as a man! Do you know who you said was ugly? It was Su Ye, the future mayor's son-in-law.
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    华尔街英语导读: 安之素也学着叶澜成瞪了苏夜一眼,然后语出惊人的给出理由:“因为你长的不好看。” Anzhisu also learned Ye Lancheng to stare at Su Ye and then gave an astonishing reason: "Because you don't look good."
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、词义辨析: at,in,on 这些前置词在表示地点或时间时均含“在……”之意。 at表地点时,指空间位置上的某一点;表时间时,指在时间上的某一时刻。 in表地点时,指在某一立体空间范围内;表时间时,指一段时间或与年、月、季节时间连用。 on表地点时,指某物与另一物表面相接触,或与某地方接壤等;表时间时,指在某一天或某一天的某个时间,尤指在星期几。 三、词义辨析: can,in 这两个名词均有“罐头”之意。 can为美
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、详细释义: adj. 在里面的 例句: I put a camp-bed up in his old room, so he's in with his girlfriend but I don't feel like I'm running a love hotel. 我在他原来的房间里还放了一个露营用床,这样当他和他女朋友睡在里面的时候我不会觉得自己开了一个情人旅馆。 时髦的 例句: Your haircut is in. 你的发型很流行。 adv. 进入,到达 例句: They shook hands and went in. 他们握了手,走了进去。 例句: She looked up anxiously as he came in. 他进来的时候,她焦虑不
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、词义辨析: artificial,false,synthetic,man-made 这些形容词均有“人造的,非自然的”之意。 artificial指模仿天然材料由人工制造的东西,侧重真伪对比。 false指因缺失而补上的替代物,有时也指伪装的。 synthetic与artificial近义,但前者强调通过化学作用或化学处理把几种物质复制成与原材料截然不同的新产品。 man-made指完全用人工制造,不含仿造和真伪对比的意味。 二、相关短语: man-made fiber 人造纤维 三、参考例句: There are man-made
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、词义辨析: apparent,obvious,evident,clear,plain,distinct,definite,manifest 这些形容词均含“清楚的,明白的,明显的”之意。 apparent强调显而易见或一想便知。这个词从动词appear派生而来,故有时含有表面如此而事实上未必的意味。 obvious语气较强,指极为明显,有目共睹,无需说明和论证。 evident指根据事实成为显然的。 clear普通用词,侧重清楚明白。 plain普通用词,含义与clear很接近,可通用,但plain着重简单明了,不复杂。 distinct较正
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、详细释义: adj. 清晰的;清楚的;明白的;明显的 例句: Incorporation establishes the business as a distinct financial entity. 有限责任公司财务账目清晰。 例句: There is a distinct smell of oranges in this room! 这个房间里有明显的桔子味! 截然不同的;有区别的;不同种类的 例句: The twins had distinct tastes. 这两个双胞胎嗜好不同。 例句: Household electric appliances imported with original packing are really distinct from others. 原装进口的家用电器的确与众不同。
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    华尔街英语导读: 三、相关短语: kitchen appliance 厨房用具 四、参考例句: The appliance carries a full-year guarantee. 器具有一年的保证期。 Our best-selling domestic appliance is this refrigerator. 我们最畅销的家用电器是这台电冰箱。 Do not use appliance for other than intended use. 请不要将设备用于除说明书上标明的其他用途。 Aren't there directions somewhere on this appliance? 这个器械有说明书吗? Air conditioning has become a standard home appliance in Illinois. 空调在伊利诺州已是一种标准的
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、详细释义: n. 电器;器具,器械,装置 例句: He could also learn to use the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and other household appliances. 他可以再学学使用吸尘器、洗衣机和其他家用电器。 例句: The shell of an electrical appliance is grounded by attaching it with a wire to a gas or water pipe. 一个电器的外壳接地是用一根导线把它联到煤气或水管上。 二、词义辨析: apparatus,instrument,device,equipment,tool,implement,installation,appliance,facilities 这些名词均有“仪器、设备
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、词义辨析: adequate,enough,sufficient 这些形容词均含“足够的,充足的”之意。 adequate指数量上足够,质量上适当。 enough最普通用词,口语、书面语可用,较侧重分量或数量的足够,多指希望的满足。 sufficient正式用词,侧重数目或数量或程度达到某一特定要求或需要。 三、相关短语: sure enough ad. 1.果然 四、参考例句: Enough is enough! 闹够了! You need enough rest. 你需要充足的休息。 Light enough to read. 可以看书的亮度。 Not embarrassing e
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、详细释义: adj. 足够的,充足的 例句: They had enough cash for a one-way ticket. 他们有足够的钱买单程票。 例句: I haven't enough time for reading. 我没有足够的时间读书。 例句: You need enough rest. 你需要充足的休息。 够多的,受够了的 例句: I've had enough problems with the police, I don't need this. 警察那边已经够我烦的了,我可不要惹这麻烦。 例句: Would you shut up, please! I'm having enough trouble with these children! 请你闭嘴!这些孩子已经够
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、词义辨析: acquire,obtain,gain,get,win,earn,secure 这些动词均含“获得、取得、得到”之意。 acquire强调通过不断的、持续的努力而获得某物,也指日积月累地渐渐地获得。书面语用词。 obtain较正式用词,着重通过巨大努力、要求而得到所需或盼望已久的东西。 gain侧重指经过努力或有意识行动而取得某种成就或获得某种利益或好处。 get普通用词,使用广泛,可指以任何方式得到某物,也不一定要经过努力。 win主要指通过努力、斗争
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    华尔街英语导读: 一、详细释义: v. 赚得;赚钱 [T] 例句: I start to earn my own living this very afternoon. 就在今天下午我要开始自己挣钱了。 例句: The great secret of life is to learn to earn one's grub. 人生最大秘诀是学会赚钱糊口。 挣得,获得 [T] 例句: The bonds earn five per cent interest. 这债券能获得5%的利息。 例句: If they succeed, they get a chance to become a star and earn far more. 如果做成功了,他们就有机会成为明星,并能获得更好的回报。 使得到,赢得,博得 [T] 例
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、词义辨析:还有哪些词汇能表示“风俗”的意思 habit, custom, manners, usage, practice, convention, tradition 这些名词均含有“习惯,风俗,传统”之意。 habit侧重于自然养成的,不易去掉的个人习惯。 custom指一个国家、一个民族、一个地区或一个社会的习惯、行为方式或风俗习惯。也可指个人的习惯。 manners指在某一时期或某一团体中盛行的社会礼仪或社会风俗模式。 usage指持续时间长,为很多人公认采纳的惯例、习俗。 practice常指习惯
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    华尔街英语导读: I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom, conventionalities, nor even of mortal flash:it is my spirit that address your spirit ,just as if both had passed through the grave ,and we stood at God's feet, equal as we are! ——Jane Eyre 我现在不是依据习俗,常规,甚至也不是通过血肉之躯同你说话,而是我的灵魂同你的灵魂在对话,就仿佛我们两人穿过坟墓,站在上帝脚下,彼此平等—— 本来就如此! ——《简· 爱》 一、关于custom,你应该知道的用法有 adj. 定做的,
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    华尔街英语导读: 二、含有private的常见短语 in private 私下地,在不公开的场合 private detective n.私人侦探 private eye n.私家侦探 private property 私有财产 private school n.私立中小学 三、最后,来做个填词游戏吧 They started up in the business as a ______ detective after he left the police. 在他辞掉警察工作后,他们开始从事私人侦探业务。
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    华尔街英语导读: It's with the most profound sense of joy that I write to inform you your son, Private James Ryan, is well and at this very moment, on his way home from European battlefields. Reports from the front indicate James did his duty in combat with great courage and steadfast dedication, even after he was informed of the tragic loss your family has suffered in this great campaign to rid the world of tyranny and oppresion. ——Saving Private Ryan 我亲爱的瑞恩太太,我怀着万分愉悦的心情通知您的儿子,士兵詹姆斯·瑞恩毫发无损,此时,

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